Where is my mind?

I liked reading Sophie’s World. I simply loved reading Gödel, Escher, Bach. What’s common between the two? It is what is common between the two books and this post – I’ll leave it to you to figure it out, reader.

In fact, the first paragraph of this post was a draft when the above paragraph was written. In my recent reads, I stumbled upon If on a winter’s night a traveler and that added another hyperlink to this post. It didn’t help much but it kind of added to the essence of the post’s subject matter. What’s the subject matter of the post? Yes.

There isn’t much to it, but you can go on writing about it for pages and ages. It never stops. This sentence is just adding to the post’s overall volume but it doesn’t matter because the volume of the post cannot be defined. How can you even have a volume for a WordPress post? It isn’t like this post has anything supposedly valuable to deliver anyway. But yes, the usage of figurative phrases could add some meaning to it.

This post clearly demonstrates that the lack of a topic need not necessarily impede the writer’s unwillingness not to state nothing in no other way than trying to confuse no one but the reader who is still going on with this statement trying not to prevent themselves from peeling off nothing but the skin of it and keeping at it even at this point but no, I shall not give up because I can and that is how unexpectedly the brain works but the author feels that I should stop and let the reader digest.

Let’s break it down into chew-able components – it’s just that I’m referring to reference itself. No, not a particular reference per se, but the concept of reference itself, so I’m self-referring to the word reference itself, thereby entering another territory when it comes to referring to something, It makes no sense at the surface, but ponder over it for a while and you might perhaps understand.

It’s really amazing to see language in action, no matter how unimpressive it may be passed off as, considering its usage in daily life. If someone tells you, “Close the door, it’s cold outside”, you’d say, “meh, what’s so interesting in this statement? I’m just being told to close the door since the weather outside is cold.”

But no, look at the statement again – how did you come to know that the it in the statement refers to the weather, and not the door? I mean, anyone can deduce that the place’s weather isn’t even present in the context of the statement if taken literally, yet anyone who understands English would say that it refers to the weather and not the door (…which happens to be true as well, but that’s purely for physical reasons and not semantic.)

How does this work? It’s so amazing! This was just one example, and that too not a very complicated one. There’s an infinite number of such cases which seem simple enough but could be really ambiguous if interpreted slightly differently. The same goes for the entire field of mathematics as well – how do we know that 2 + 2 = 5? You see, the moment you read that, there started spinning wheels in your brain that told you, “Wait a minute! Is that a typo?” It’s fascinating how we notice these things so quickly, even if we don’t have a formal education in mathematics. I could well say, “Your 5 is my 4, so the equation is valid”, so probably that’d make sense if you think that my notion of 5 is the same as the universal notion of 4, but the equation would still bother you no matter how hard you try to interpret it in my way. (GEB’s author refers to these notions as isomorphisms, and goes to great lengths to explain the concept. Quite a read, that!)

So getting back to writing about the post – the text went from about the post to within the post and now it’s catching up with the post again. There was actually no point in all of this writing – it was just to keep my fingers going on with the keyboard dance. However, I do feel that I did make some sense, no matter how tangentially. There really is some unexplained joy of typing, writing, and creating something out of nothing. The world can never ever be a boring place (if there is a material world, that is.). But alas, if only the brain could be overridden by the brain itself when it is stuck before a creatiwitty block. (Yay, did I just jump over it with that portmanteau?)

Phew. Wrote so much after such a long time that I feel motivated to write again. (Yes, again in that this cycle of motivation and slumber keeps repeating.) Perhaps this will all culminate into a book or something, someday. Oh no, I’ve posted it on the internet, and it’s on the record. I hope I won’t disappoint my future self who’d happen to read this post a few years from now. Ciao.

Really. Bye.


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