Do I feel bad I started this blog? Not yet. Will I “regret” having started this blog sometime later in the future when I’m much more mature and busy with “life?” Will this blog evoke feelings later in the future akin to what teenagers feel when they go their old “stupid” photos and texts? Might just, as our state of mind is nothing but transitory. But will I raise the question to myself, “Why did I ever do that?” I’m certain I won’t.

Why is it so, you may ask (don’t, actually). It is very simple – think of your brain making me (even you?) live in the moment at every instant of my life. It is stopping me from quantizing time into minutes and seconds so that I can treat the available continuum as being something that I’ll have indefinitely till I breathe my last. It is making me witness everything around myself, at this very moment. It is forcing me to stop, take a moment, step back and feel everything around – the air we breathe, the white noise, the train of thought (yeah, you guessed that right, if you did – I’ve been inspired by some Zen Buddhism literature I recently came across and had a glance of romanticism at).

It isn’t very difficult to conceive, actually – since human beings are at least an extinction period away from inventing, or even coming close to inventing a time machine (no, not a clock, smartypants), one can be easily assured that the time that they let pass by cannot be got back. Now didn’t I go all fancy there instead of just writing, “Time and tide wait for no man”? I didn’t. If I were to put everything coldly without attaching my literary emotions to it, wouldn’t this blog be duller than it already is? Wouldn’t my hypothetical followers be disappointed and prevent me from even imagining having followers? I just felt it was worth spending time, writing all my mental jelly that oozes out without voice or gestures. My point being? There is no point regretting and fretting over any goddamn thing that happens. Should’ve studied for an exam or prepared for that date? Should’ve. Did you? Perhaps not, else you’d be busy with that instead of coming over to this section of the internet and reading this text. But can you do anything about it? Of course, you can or you cannot. Ambiguity is something you’ll have to deal with on this blog – just like my existence. Anyway, as I was saying,


Wait, is that all I wanted to say? Is it the end of this blog post? Pretty much. Why did I write so much excreta above, then? Scroll to the top of the page and read the title of the blog post. Actually, don’t scroll. Just keep reading. Before I move any further, let me not take due credit from the creator(s) of the above illustration – it’s one of the images that dear Google throws up when you search for “problem in life can you do anything about it” or something like that. C’mon, at least I’m not taking credit for it.

So, before we depart, let me come full circle to the topic of regret – just don’t. Everyone dies, and whether they believe that they’ll be reborn or become one with God or just enter another phase of the universal consciousness – they’ll die. Death cannot be escaped – even Wikipedia knows that. So whether you died filled with regrets or completely satisfied, it really wouldn’t matter much – you’ll be a corpse, at least in this perceived physical world. So why make yourself feel worse off than you already apparently are (alliteration, meta)? Just think of bygones being bygones, and work on what you can do to turn your car back in your garage (you really thought I’d mention some cliched thing like “on the highway of life” or something like that, didn’t you? Hopeless.) while it’s still having you at the helm. Just don’t regret. Do what is in your power once you’ve realized what is and what is not in your capacity. Just keep in mind – people have no clue what you fret over, and you have no clue how they think – so assumptions are bound to be made both ways, but since you know your side, you also know that you can work at least on that front and try to make things “better.”

Do not regret reading this post either, hypothetical readers. It was well worth the lesson that you must now turn off your system and get back to physical life. You definitely don’t need to hear that from a twenty-year-old, do you?


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