So typical of you! Ever heard this exclamation? I’ll be you have, at least in your local language if not in English. I felt like writing about how people typically are typical in any respect. It’s so typical of my brain to be wayward, just like everyone else’s, but I go a step further in grabbing attention by writing loads of balderdash about it. But it’s a release, so typically I feel well after it.


having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.


Now, isn’t that a typical definition as provided by a typical Google search?

Yes, I am over-smart.

What is it with my obsession about this ‘typical’ thing? It is basically just an outcome of everyday observations about how people generally behave, and follow patterns in their day-to-day lives, thinking that they’re living in absolute control over their habits and lifestyle and can bring about changes as and when desired. But with every single person, the case is such that they just don’t deviate from their daily schedules by a margin unless something of great “priority” comes up. Now, obviously, this isn’t the case with everyone, as statistically we can see that there are those who actually have control over everyday happenings related to their lives. But I’m talking about the 90% who don’t, and am really fascinated by the fact that everyone wants a change but just can’t bring it about so easily as they think they could.

Say, I tell you to start breathing exercises from tomorrow onward – exercises that take up 5 minutes of your “busy” schedules. We all know that such exercises will only benefit us in the long run, and it’s just the habit we need to develop now. There’s no money involved in it either – they’re absolutely free. This concept is both too good and true as well. But as good as it may sound, does it actually happen so easily? No, right? I’d like to stress upon this issue that’s been haunting human beings since time immemorial and one that everyone’s been after for a change but has never been able to successfully do so. I wouldn’t say I’m the first person who’s taken it upon himself to defy this trend and become so “effective” at changing habits and behaviour at will, but I would certainly make an honest attempt to become “effective.” It’s just that making changes in “life” are very difficult. It’s probably because the more frequently you perform a particular action that does not have an adverse effect on your physical and mental state (or at least deceive so), the more your inner working mechanism strengthens the intention to repeat that action. So, as we are all accustomed to our daily lives, we keep on doing the same things daily without thinking much about what we’re doing.

Now, if I were to just “follow my heart” and do what I wished to do, what’d happen? Would it cause a major upset in the functioning of the universe and change the course of history forever? Maybe. What, seriously? Does it have such an impact? At least we don’t perceive so. But what if the entirety of humanity was to reject the notion of a daily schedule, and take the concept of “free will” to such a level that they did whatever they felt like doing? Chaos, isn’t it? Of course. Obviously, if I were to think from a broader perspective, it wouldn’t be a major event, and it would certainly return to normalcy over a period of a few months. That is how everything in the world functions. We’re all tied to our own schedules. We simply say that we’re fed up of the “system,” and then comes another group which says that “you gotta change the system or follow your own path” and then another one that just rejects everything there is. It’s all so predictable now. “Typical,” this post cries out.

We’ve all become conditioned to just following someone out there just because they’re doing it (mirror neurons, maybe?) or follow someone who tells us “to set our own example and follow it.” Couldn’t we just simplify things a bit and think from a slightly less abstract perspective? Like, maybe, just getting our ego out of the way and just “being?” The literary world is flooded with quotes on practically anything and everything. You’re bound to find quotes related to success, failure, ego, persistence, and so many other qualities I can’t think of. Why attach too much to them and restrict ourselves to what someone apparently said through an image? We’re smart enough to make a good judgement ourselves and let go of such unnecessary attachments. We can prioritize well enough and make ourselves better off. Well, biases are something that’s left right now for a later post, since we all have them whether we like it or not. Now, what biases am I talking about? Biases related to every single thing – our upbringing, our experiences, our surroundings – we’re affected subtly by so many things out there that we don’t even realize it. These things may affect our judgment, but we could always agree on something that satisfies all parties. We’re all humans, and we all have something in common – at least a brain. So, irrespective of biases, we could always have a settlement.

Let me end this post on a typical note – goodbye. It’s very atypical this time.



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